Sunday, February 21, 2010


I woke up early and planned and planned and planned for the new unit I am starting. I'm not finished and I still have student work to go over, but I feel less panicky about going back tomorrow now that some of that has been focused on.

K. and C. and L. and D. came over and we hung around the apartment and drank wine and ate cheese and crackers and played video games for awhile. Then we met Jar. on our walk over to Tanoreen.

Yum. We ordered so many appetizers that by the time our entrees came we were all sort of too full. Everyone ate about half of their main course and moaned a little bit and really I think we all sort of just wanted more appetizers.

We had:
  • 2 orders of the fried brussels sprouts that are covered in a pomegranate tahini sauce and then sprinkled with panko bread crumbs
  • 2 orders of chicken sireg borek
  • 1 order of hummus
  • 1 order of olive paste
  • 1 fatoush salad w/ feta
And then? When all of that was said and done? The boys decided they wanted more sireg borek and ordered another plate.

It was a very fun dinner and Tanoreen has officially become my favorite restaurant in this neighborhood. After dinner we went to The Pourhouse which was very empty when we got there and I think we intended to only stay for a drink because Kenny and Colleen needed to go home but then we wound up staying there for two and a half hours playing lawn darts and drinking too much.

L. and C. and I decided that we are going to do this every month - we will rotate neighborhoods and spend one weekend a month exploring a new bar and a new restaurant in each other's neighborhoods. March is Greenpoint. The neighborhood hop club.

I think it will be really fun. I can't like C. anymore that I do for real. She is hilarious and really good for K. who, admittedly, is not the easiest cowboy to get along with. I had a great time hanging out with her and L. and on a very selfish level am just thankful I get along so well with the soon to be wife of my husband's best friend.

Anyway. Then we walked home - stopping at the bagel store of course - and came back here so K. and C. could call car service and I passed out. Like, I don't even remember laying down to go to sleep.

It was a fun night but I am up very early and my belly is feeling a little shaky and I can't believe how much weight I've gone and gained on vacation. Not having a spring break vacation to plan right now is also terrible because a.) that is my FAVORITE number one most favorite thing to do and b.) I have always been successful at vacation dieting. Now I'm just pale and fat and planless. Sad.

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