Friday, February 19, 2010


How did that happen?

This week I was supposed to:
  • organize the office
  • purchase knick-knacks for the dining room
  • hang curtains in the dining room
  • organize the closets downstairs
  • plan my entire next unit
  • finish grading late work
  • get packets together for next Wednesday's presentation
  • walk; a lot; everyday
  • join WW again
This week I:

  • sort of half organized the office
  • purchased a covered antique butter dish and matzah ball salt and pepper shakers for the dining room (but also got a pair for Karen and Josh and Ellen and Ira)
  • walked; a little; every day
  • spent too much money
  • ate out or ordered in every day except for Tuesday
I am feel unproductive and pressured. Had terrible work nightmares last night about not being ready for things. The sort of anxiety dreams I have only at the very end of August.

I am going to plan right now.

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