Thursday, February 18, 2010


This afternoon my manicurist scolded me for not having any children yet. According to her, four years is too long to be married without having children.

Now, I took this in stride and sort of brushed it off. But. What if I couldn't have children? What if I'd been trying to have children for the past four years without success? What if I'd miscarried? Or had to terminate a pregnancy?

Or what if I just didn't want to have children?

I feel like far too often people harass me (although usually with good intentions, this is true) about not having kids yet. And clearly I'm starting to become increasingly sensitive.

What if I had answered honestly?

I could have said:

My husband's penis is broken. We're waiting to have it repaired.

My husband wasn't ready to have children until very recently; he's bi-polar and for awhile he didn't know if he wanted to stay married.

My husband is bi-polar and his sister is clinically depressed and has OCD and my father is a recovering drug addict and my mother is addicted to pain meds; we're not sure we trust our gene pool.

But of course, I just tipped her.

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