Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Things done:

Kitchen and Dining room were painted before we moved in.

Everything was cleaned.

Bedroom is curtained. Three pictures have been hung. Closet organized.

Dining room furniture has been delivered. Serving pieces and fun stuff are on display.

Kitchen island is assembled and cabinets are organized.

Living room furniture is assembled and DVDs and records are organized. Old towels have been put out in the half bath downstairs. The closets down there are a mess of out of season clothes and luggage.

The office is unpacked but unorganized. The filing cabinet is not put together. We still need to get new legs for the desk and curtains that make sense. There is not enough space to put all of the nonsense that is in there away in any meaningful organizational type functional way. So when we put a baby in there? And have to find other places for all of the crap currently laying on the floor behind me? The apartment is going to feel a lot smaller.

To do (related to apartment):

Purchase curtains for the dining room and office, new legs for the desk, lamps for the dining room and bedroom, and possibly another bookcase for the office. Assemble the filing cabinet for the office and put stuff like J.'s bike wheel in the garage. Get cord organizer for under desk (!!!).

To do (unrelated to apartment):

Plan rest of Persuasive Unit, see doctor about making baby, freak out about making baby, make baby.

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