Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New adventures.

So, we are officially going about the business of making a baby.

We can't just up and do this like most people our age (get drunk and accidentally create a new life post-happy hour); J. needs to have a medical procedure done first so that the procreating can get underway. This week we began looking for a doctor/surgeon with whom we could schedule an appointment with who also accepts our insurance - which was difficult at best. I'm not sure how people did this before the internet.

And J. is weird about talking to people about this (even his parents who very clearly are aware of the situation) so it's not like I can just post on Facebook "Hey - we need a urologist who performs microsurgery and accepts GHI...any recommendations?" and really, the whole process of even figuring out how to use our insurance for this (what if we go with a doctor out of network; what are the co-pays involved; how does our hospital insurance differ from our regular coverage; if a doctor isn't covered by our carrier but is covered by our hospital plan, do we have to pay out of network...the list goes on and on and on...)

And this is all so time consuming. J. made an appointment for the beginning of March and we're now hoping to have the procedure done over Spring break at the end of March which means that we can't actually get to getting it on until the end of May and everything I've read over the past few months says that after this procedure is done it typically takes between 6 months to a year to conceive...IF you're able to naturally conceive after all is said and done.

So I'm a little stressed out. Wondering all of the time how and when this is all going to happen. All the while furtively looking at nursery bedding and maternity dresses like a weirdo.

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