Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring... almost here! It is beautiful out today - sun shiny and warmish and breezy. Hopeful feeling weather.

I can't wait to get to gardening. I swept up most of the leaves that were piled up on the patio the other night and turned over the planters to dry them out. There are little buds popping up on the hydrangea! Exclamation point!

Usually, J. and I go away the week of Spring Break but we haven't gotten our taxes done yet and are seeing the doctor next week so we're not sure if he'll be having surgery that week...if we don't go away, that week will be all about getting the backyard beautiful which usually has to wait til Mother's Day weekend.

I wonder what we can plant that early?

I'm so excited to have a new backyard to play with. With real grass! Exclamation point!

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