Saturday, March 13, 2010



Doctor Round 1 - We found out, essentially, nothing.

J. has to have several round of tests/analysis done in the next couple of weeks and then will see another Doctor at the end of April who will then let us know how he feels we should proceed.
Apparently, our options are for J. to have the surgical procedure or to have sperm extracted through a less invasive procedure; the extraction would then involve IVF procedures for me, though.

Not sure how I feel.

I guess I think we should do whatever statistically will make the most sense for us.

And we won't know what that will be until April.

Which is frustrating.

I'd like to get on with this.

Also - terrible work. Hate it. Trying to be positive and start over but I just can't wrap my brain/heart around how to do that. Just sort of want to run away and start fresh somewhere else at something else entirely.

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