Sunday, May 2, 2010

Debbie Downer:

I'm not having an easy time this weekend. J. being away seems to have left me with a quiet house, a whiny dog, and a mind that won't stop.

I wandered around the neighborhood before and picked up some tshirts. Went to the bookstore. Couldn't find a thing. I must have picked up every book in the store only to put them all down. It was very frustrating.

I am, if nothing else, a reader. Not being able to find something that captured my attention was off-putting. I wound up bringing home three books (one used - a $3 score) but haven't been able to really jump into any of them.

I wanted to sit outside but Esther just wants to bark at all of our neighbors.

Trying to do laundry.

Wishing we had our AC installed already.

Cranky. Teary. Tired.

Ate ate ate ate all weekend long. Not good. Depressed and binging.

I am going to call the fertility center one of J.'s friends from work recommended to us tomorrow. Proactive has to feel better than quiet wallowing.

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